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The Norton Hospital Old Brownsboro Crossings is located at 4950 Norton Healthcare Blvd., Louisville, KY 40241; 502.394.6333; visit their website. Learn about American Hydrotech in The Greenroof Directory. For more information about the Norton Hospital Old Brownsboro Crossings project, contact Alex Fransen of Steele Blades Lawn & Landscape Services at 502.231.8684;; or visit

Norton Healthcare has grown to be the Louisville area’s leading health care provider with some of the most advanced technologies and well-trained physicians, nurses and staff. Norton Healthcare includes five large hospitals, 12 Norton Immediate Care Centers and more than 90 physicians practice locations.

The Norton Hospital Old Brownsboro Crossings in Louisville boasts both a built in place intensive greenroof system and an extensive tray system from American Hydrotech, designed by Vivian Llambi & Associates, Landscape Architect and installed by Steele Blades Lawn & Landscape Services.

The intensive greenroof is accessible to visitors but the extensive greenroof is private.


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