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Northpark 400 is located at 1100 Abernathy Road, Atlanta, GA 30328, at the intersection of Abernathy Road and Peachtree-Dunwoody Road. Read about Northpark Town Center’s 2009 TOBY Award from BOMA-Atlanta in Insight, Issue 1, 2009. See also Northpark 500, re-roofed in 2007. You may visit Northpark 400 and see the beautifully landscaped roof from the cafeteria atop the 6th floor. Read the American Hydrotech Case Study PDF here. Learn about American Hydrotech, Saul Nurseries, ItSaul Natural, and PermaTill in The Greenroof Directory. Contact landscape architect Martin Haber, ASLA, at: 404.377.5839 or See the #1 photo in greater detail as a PDF.

According to the building’s architect/engineer, John Portman & Associates, “Northpark 400 is an 18-story, 581,000-square foot (54,000 sm) office tower connected to unique garden office suites that offer up to 95,000 square feet (8,800 sm) of contiguous office space per floor. Atop the suites is a 2-acre park, complete with a restaurant and cascading waterfall. Designed to harmonize with coordinating structures, the building features richly-toned bronze glass and bands of warm, subtly-colored spandrel glass blended with thermal finish grey-pink granite to enhance the sculptural quality of the architecture. Northpark 400 is a component of Northpark Town Center, which, in time, will become a miniature town unto itself,” (2007, BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) -Atlanta awarded Northpark Town Center, including buildings 400 and 500, with the 2009 TOBY Award for Over 1 Million Square Feet Office Building of the Year. The Office Building of the Year (TOBY) awards program recognizes building quality and management excellence. Northpark Town Center anticipates receing LEED certification in the second quarter of 2009.

Stalite expanded slate was specified for Northpark 400 and successfully implemented. The PermaTill website states “On the top floor of the building are dozens of large planters. 2000 cubic yards of Mr. Natural Lightweight Soil Mix containing 55% PermaTill was craned up to the roof in bulk sacks and poured out the spouts into the planters. The entire job was completed four months ahead of schedule. The plants began rooting into the new mix quickly and thrived. By the next season the plants were completely established meeting the intentions of the design. The project won the Georgia Green Industry Association?s Grand Award.” (2007, The mature trees and vegetation are flourishing – we visited in mid August with Atlanta Fox 5 crew. In August 2007, Bobby Saul, of Saul Nurseries and ItSaul Natural says, “In 1996 we planted 4″ caliper maple trees on Northpark 400, and now they’re 12” caliper!”Hydrotech Products:Monolithic Membrane 6125?Flex Flash F?Hydroflex? Protection SheetSTYROFOAM? Insulation (suppliedHydrodrain?Terra Pavers-H? (and accessories).


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