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The Green Roof Centre was established by the University of Sheffield and Groundwork Sheffield working in partnership with the four South Yorkshire Local Authorities. See the case study from The Green Roof Centre here. For more information, please contact The Green Roof Centre c/o Groundwork Sheffield, The Innovation Centre, 217 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP; Fax: 0114 263 6429; Website:

Completed in May, 2004, green roofs were chosen for their water holding capacity as an innovative form of sustainable urban drainage design, with excess water runoff from the roof being harvested and utilised to supply the schools toilets. Although only a blanket based roof supporting a thin layer of sedums were installed the roof serves its purpose, reducing intrusive noise from rain and hail which has been a problem from some of the lightweight long-span metal roofs, lowering the likelihood of vandalism, improving thermal insulation, providing evaporative cooling, improving rainwater management from the site and creating a habitat for insects and other wildlife (bees were particularly evident in the first season).

Green Roof Elements: Extensive roof -40mm vegetation support blanket overlain with 30mm Sedum Mats on a metal deck roof.


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