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The Norfolk Botanical Gardens wanted to display a green roof after learning about their many benefits and growing popularity. One of the ticket kiosks on the property was in need of a new roof and after receiving approval from the landscape committee they contacted Building Logics, Inc. The main purpose for the greenroof is for public education and exposure.

The construction of the green roof involved the EnviroTech GR roof membrane systems FamoBit P4 (base ply) and the FamoGreen RET CU P4 (root barrier, water retention) layer. During the installation of the roof membranes, the EnviroTech GR Steep Slope Support systems were installed to ensure the vegetated pods that would be placed on the roof would not slide down out of place. The pods that were installed were filled and grown by the Horticulture Dept. at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The pod installation was performed with the assistance of a local “at risk” youth program directed by the NBG staff.


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