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For additional information about the Nophadrain Headquarters project, please contact No?l Vievermanns, Marketing & Sales, Nophadrain BV at: nv@nophadrain; T: +31 (0) 45 535 50 30; F: +31 (0) 45 535 39 30; or visit:

For this particular project special and innovative materials were used. After the existing bituminous waterproofing membrane was removed, a three-layer seamless membrane named VerdiSeal was installed.

VerdiSeal is a new product which is marketed by Dow Building Solutions. It consists of three layers: a primer, a coating and a topcoat. The unique properties of these materials create a watertight roof with a guarantee of 30 years.

On top of the membrane seamless insulation, the Dow Roof Mate XPS insulation, was installed. This insulation provides the perfect foundation for the ND 5+1 Drainage Composite, which thanks to its perforated core, also is suitable for an inverted-roof construction. ND DGS-E Growing Medium Extensive has been blown on the ND 5+1 Drainage Composite. The edges of the vegetation-free zones are created by the GreenLiner 45DK Edge Retaining Profiles as these are especially designed for use on green roofs. The vegetation consists of a variety of Sedum plants, which will create the look of a roof garden.


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