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For additional information about this project, please contact No?l Vievermanns, Marketing & Sales, Nophadrain BV at: nv@nophadrain; T: +31 (0) 45 535 50 30; F: +31 (0) 45 535 39 30; or visit: or (english version). Photography by Maurits van Hout photography and Scagliola/Brakkee photography.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) is one of the largest audio-visual archives in Europe. The Institute preserves a major part of the Dutch audio-visual heritage and makes it accessible to potential users. The collection totals over 700,000 hours of television, radio, music and film. But the Institute is more than just a collection. Apart from functioning as an audio-visual archive for the national broadcasting corporations and others, it also offers a unique media experience for its visitors.

Sound and Vision moved in 2006 to an architectonically very striking building at the Hilversum Media Park (NL). The building was designed by the architects Willem-Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk. The building stands out because of the design formed by large color blocks designed by Jaap Drupsteen, in which abstract images from historic film and TV fragments are shown. Saint Gobain has developed a special method for coloring these glass panels.

The building is comprised of the unique media experience as well as several offices, a small theatre, a shop, a bar with a terrace and parking space. The building measures 54 x 54 square meters, and is 26 meters high (ground floor and seven floors on top). The garden at the south side of the building was designed by the Dutch Neutelings Riedijk Architects, and the design details and realization of the roof garden was done by Donker Groen (Sneek, the Netherlands). The intensive greenroof was constructed using a Nophadrain system incorporating pedestrian paving.

This overstructure garden is a roof garden because it is placed on top of the underground parking garage space of the Sound and Vision Institute. The pond is very impressive because it has 6 different levels with a cascade of lighted waterfalls. The first level also includes three fountains. Although the pond seems to be purely aesthetic, its primary function is to serve as a fire extinguishing reservoir for the Institutes? archives.

Nophadrain products used:

ND 5+1 Drainage Composite
ND EPS Drain Board
ND FD Filter Fabric


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