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The Neskuchnyi Restaurant (Нескучный сад) is located at Rostov-on-Don, B. Garden, 30; 301-22-11 301-11-00; See a short 2:03 video about the restaurant from its website. For more information about the project, contact Assia Anistratenko, GM, RaStenia at, +79213618469, or visit RaStenia at

An urban green garden appeared in the center of Rostov in 2011 at the Neskuchnyi Restaurant, a place for all occasions whether it be a business meeting, a romantic date or a chance meeting with old friends. Your favorite meals can be enjoyed outdoors, sitting comfortably on a couch or chair, or indoors in a light, cozy atmosphere of tranquility with a beautiful greenwall as the centerpiece of the eclectic yet elegant decor. The restaurant’s traditional hospitality and service yet progressive menu offers dishes for every taste offering a variety of unusual combinations of European and Asian cuisine.

The idea for a greenwall was suggested by the owner of the Neskuchnyi Restaurant (Нескучный сад); he wanted it to be posh and exclusive to go along with its premier brand. The interiors were totally renovated in accordance with the new green design.

This lush 24 m² hydroponic plantwall installed in late 2011 at the new restaurant hall was the first green design element for the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. In addition to adhering to the necessary aesthetic influence of Patrick Blanc-inspired greenwalls (requested by the client), the plantwall creators had to work with the local vegetation and reflect it in choosing the plant selection and maintenance techniques.

Challenges included the fact that the water turned out to be very mineral heavy due to agricultural conditions of the region. Certain other difficulties resulted with the mounting a plasma screen within the green surface which the owners now successfully use to set different moods and highlight events with changing graphics. The contractors’ (RaStenia) team spent two weeks on the site with one extra visit afterwards, and a whole year of phone support with the maintenance biologist to ensure nothing had gone wrong with the plants.

Completed on November 30, 2011, the greenwall height is 4.5 meters with more than 800 plants. We did it according to the RaStenia technology: PVC frame, capillary matting for a substrate + pipes, sewage and water filters. We also connected the system to a GSM-alarm device for us to know when and if electricity goes down and is not restored. The whole project took about 2 months from the early concept to implementation.

Now, two years later in December, 2013, this great plant exhibition is still eye-candy for all the restaurant visitors, a nice background for quiet dinners for couples or awesome celebrations of family or corporate events. “The impression was colossal, as if you traveled in time, and the feeling of luxury and relaxation immediately overcomes you” – this is what people say. We hope it will last for long!


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