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For more information about the Mexican Green Roof Association (Asociaci?n Mexicana para la Naturaci?n de Azoteas), please visit

Mexico City is divided into 16 districts, and each district has its own budget. The local district government (delegaciones y Jefes Delegacionales)approves the various new projects that should be implemented. The district “mayor” of Xochimilco elected in October 2003 decided to include green roofs in public schools as a part of his environmental program.Xochimilco became the first district to include green roofs as a public government program. This program has both environmental benefits but also educational purposes. The first five schools were finished in June 2004, and through August 2006 a total of 12 public schools (3,000 m?) have benefited from the program.

The local district government of Xochimilco worked with the Autonomous University of Chapingo (Universidad Autonoma Chapingo) to install the green roof system in all the public schools which have been included in this program. The University of Chapingo is the only university which has an investigation program regarding green roofs. The system used by the University is a system that has been adapted to the conditions of the schools. The system is semi-extensive with local plants (sedums). The major challanges reported was the lack of information the community (school directors, teachers, parents) had regarding green roofs and their benefits. The first perceived issues were that they would have problems with the extra weight on the school’s roof top, the students security, and the risk of having leakage or humidity problems.


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