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The Multi-Structured WA Private Residence was highlighted for the month of October in the 2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar, and you can download a Greenroofs Wallpaper for your desktop by visiting Desktop Nexus. Learn about Xero Flor America in The Greenroof Directory.

This private home is placed among old growth spruce forest near the Olympic National Forest in Washington State and is covered by a Xero Flor extensive greenroof system on all roof structures, including the garage, sauna, study, breezeway, and living spaces. The sweeping building design contains varied and dynamic roof slope angles necessitating a flexible green roof solution provided by XF301 precultivated vegetation mats and system assemblies custom-tailored by Xero Flor America for the structured complex roof microhabitats. The Multi-Structured Washington State Private Residence was completed in November, 2006.


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