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The Toronto Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) store is located at 400 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1K2; Tel: 416.340.2667. Visit the website here, and their Sustainability page here. See an informative case study by Kim Cooper, including a large photo gallery from a 2003 visit here. Read the write up on CitiesAlive! here.

In 1998 Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) relocated their Toronto Store to King Street West. The store’s 10,000 square foot greenroof lies over large percentage of flat roof over the second floor and is a prairie environment which sustains itself as it would naturally in the countryside, and is a true symbol of MEC’s commitment to environmental sustainability. “MEC is a retail cooperative and Canada’s leading supplier of quality outdoor gear, clothing and camping equipment. MEC is renowned for a long-standing focus on social, environmental, and economic sustainability, and has installed living roofs on several of their retail locations. The roof is planted with indigenous meadow plants, flowers, and grasses that do not require frequent watering. The plants offset C02 generation, and the soil helps insulate the building to reduce heating requirements,” (Cities Alive!, 2009).

A 1kW photovoltaic electrical generation system is installed on the site, and although it is not a significant power source, it raises awareness of renewable energy. The building is overall 35% more energy efficient than required under the Model National Energy Code.


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