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See the case study from V″>Khat & Safhe Consulting Engineers. For additional information on the Moshir Complex, please contact Aslan Jonoubi of Khat & Safhe at: 0987136463445 and

Designed and constructed by Khat & Safhe Consulting Engineers, the 12,000 m2 public entertainment and amusement theme park in Shiraz City is influenced by traditional Iranian architecture. The 2,000 m2 intensive greenroof is based on historic Persian garden design.

The courtyard atop the roof garden is based on the local 18th century Saraye Moshir, one of the oldest bazaars in Shiraz, with 8 sides, trees, and a center fountain. Historical colored domes penetrate the roof to allow daylight in.

In addition, 15 evergreen trees will be planted in the Comelex facades, enbracing the concept of “bringing green spaces to the roof and façade.”


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