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Visit the ELC website. McColl Pond ELC Contact:
Jon Allen, Natural Resources Coordinator, at: 952.882.2678. Read “ELC’s construction on schedule” in the Savage Pacer by Nancy Huddleston of October 3, 2008 here.

The McColl Pond Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is dedicated to environmental education, outdoor enjoyment and wildlife observation. The center’s mission is to increase awareness of the natural world through observation and hands-on learning; encourage social understanding, respect and cooperation; promote values and behaviors that strengthen relationships with the earth. “The 6,200-square-foot facility uses a variety of sustainable, or green, construction practices such as a vegetated roof, a geo-thermal heating system and post-consumer recycled building materials throughout the building. The building also has south- and west-facing windows to capture the afternoon sun and turn it into passive energy.

The shed-style design of the cedar-sided building is also done for a reason ? to maximize light throughout the building and to effectively use the space for a wide variety of programs and activities,” (Savage Pacer, 2008). Construction started on May 6, 2008 for the McColl Pond ELC, and it is scheduled to open in November.

At the end of September, 2008, five varieties of sedum, aproximately 19,000 seedlings, were planted about eight inches apart into an American Hydrotech greenroofing system.


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