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Visit the hadj Design website here, and contact architect Patrick Carey at phone: 425.482.9763 or email:

The Mazurek’s needed an addition to house their two young children’s art supplies and encourage artistic expression. The answer is the two-story loft art studio situated in their Seattle backyard among the beautiful flower and vegetable gardens also inhabited by various squirrels, dogs and cats, completed in the spring of 2004.The homeowners contributed to the design and construction along with architect Patrick Carey of hadj Design and the North West Eco Building Guild. Hadj Design has directed the Guild?s Green Roof Project since 2000.

The two greenroof areas actually consist of one highly sloped roof on top, and a shed style pitched roof with a flat section. The flat portion has a GreenGrid? greenroof system, and the erosion prevention strategy resulted in the sloped areas using a TPO laminated clad metal grid field welded to the membrane, then filled with Slope Tame 2 and fastened at mid-point and bottom to the roof deck. Again, at a 7:12 pitch there was no erosion and the plants at the top of the slope are getting enough water. The roof areas have large gravel perimeter areas for Jeff Mazurek to walk on for maintenance.


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