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The Maui Medical Plaza is located at 151 Hana Highway in Kahului, Maui. Visit the website:

The vision is to develop a new $43 million medical office building that serves Maui and its residents, providing an architectural character that blends into the community and strives to satisfy our ever growing need for state-of-the-art medical care. The professional center could house more than 20 medical practices. At each two-story level there are promenades and roof gardens to break up the vertical appearance; planned to be LEED Certified (, 2008).

The Maui Medical Plaza at Kanaha “sets back in steps from Hana Highway with just the first two floors fronting Hana Highway. At each two-story level we have promenades and roof gardens to break up the vertical appearance. Plantings and fountains provide a tropical look and there is ample use of lava and natural colors and textures. A waterfall accents the ground floor driveway area and traffic is designed to flow from the highway through the rear of the building with deceleration lanes in front to improve access. Hana Highway will be widened directly in front of the Medical Plaza in conjunction with DOT plans.”Nature trails along the sides of the Medical Plaza are designed to retain the natural environment of the area. Viewing areas and information kiosks about the Kanaha Pond, history of the area and native wildlife will be provided as well as parking and access for the general public and building tenants. Our plan calls for the entire site to be inundated with palm trees and native vegetation. We have hundreds of mature palms standing by at a Hilo tree farm,” (, 2008).


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