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Additional Resources

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Phone: 877.726.5130. Read the October 17, 2007 Nature is the Best Medicine by Jean Johnson in and the June 2006 The Yawkey Center Rooftop: Capping Off Boston’s Green Building by Bill Ravanesi, Boston Regional Director, Health Care Without Harm, MA, MPH in a supplement to Healthcare Design magazine called Clean Design.

Located on an eigth-floor roof, the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care intensive greenroof features the Howard Ulfelder Healing Garden at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It is a restful place for meditation and relaxation for patients and their families.

Dr. Bruce Chabner, clinical director of the Cancer Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is quoted in emagazine, see below: “The therapeutic value of a quiet meditative environment for individuals affected by a serious illness like cancer is widely recognized.” The Howard Ulfelder, MD Healing Garden on the eighth floor of the hospital has an enclosed pavilion from which patients, visitors, and staff can view the garden year round. “Our healing garden is an important complement to the excellent clinical care we provide.”


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