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The Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy is located at 645 Logan St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503; 616.819.2600; Read the Madison Square school has state’s only rooftop garden in public school system by Deborah Johnson Wood in Rapid Growth. Learn about Xero Flor America in The Greenroof and Greenwall Directory.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Academy is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility serving students in grades preschool through eight, including a moderately cognitively impaired classroom.

In 2006 they installed an 1,302 extensive greenroof from Xero Flor America.

“The ‘green’ roof at Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy is unlike any other public school in Michigan—240 square feet of it is dedicated to growing organic vegetables planted, maintained, harvested, and consumed by fourth and fifth graders. Mixed Greens, a non-profit children’s vegetable gardening organization, is in its second year of teaching about 25 of the school’s students how to grow and prepare the veggies,” (Rapid Growth, 2007).


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