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See a gallery of photos from the ZinCo Green Roof Tour that Linda and Aramis Velazquez and Kelly and Trish Luckett went on in September, 2004 here. See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo website here for more information on their products.

In order to blend the new 10,000m? MAG galleries shopping development in with the historic town of Geislingen, a design competition was commissioned. The winning design provides the people of Geislingen with a new public recreational area, with easy access via lifts, stairs, footbridges and ramps. This combined total of 8,000 m? green rooftop over a private shopping mall or gallery near Stuttgart has been transformed into a public park open to all the adjoining neighbors.The MAG contains a playground with sandbox, a 650 m? (7000 sf) basketball court, walkways and trellises. On the top level, approximately 5,400 m? are intensive greenroof areas and 2,600 m? are extensive, and the two are separated by a chain link fence. Two more separate extensive greenroofs wind down the ramp to access the shopping area below.

The intensive green roof vegetation (seeded lawn, hardy plants, shrubs and saplings) developed very quickly due to the efficiency of the irrigation system. In the meantime, the climbing plants covered the vertical lattices and fences which separate the intensive areas from the extensive. The extensive vegetation (applied by hydroseeding) achieved 60% ground coverage after two growing cycles. The original idea for the top level extensive area was for it to be a test area of sorts, but it has actually received no monitoring nor maintenance. In fact, it had to be hydroseeded twice because initially it did not receive any irrigation. The intensive area, on the other hand, is highly maintained with its plush lawn and beautiful perennial beds, and is irrigated. Although city residents use the new “city park,” it does not receive any public assistance for its maintenance.The ZinCo Intensive Build-Up:


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