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For more information about the Madrona Creek Ranch Wellhouse project, please contact Prairie Designs:

The Madrona Creek Ranch and Observatory wanted an eco-friendly solution for a roof that needed replacing on their wellhouse, which sits near the main residence on the property. Madrona Creek ranch wanted a roof that complimented the native drought-tolerant landscape because the building is highly visible from the main habitable areas of the ranch. Also, the ranch is nestled deep in the hill country so a longer lasting roof was ideal.

Prairie Designs supplied a drought tolerant extensive green roof system which used the same look and feel as the ranch. The project features native soils and our product, which locks in soil moisture, WETSUIT water-proofing layer, Drainage mat from Colbond, and a shallow native soil media mulched with Prairie Designs’ Roof Rocks product. Plant selection included natives from south-central Texas.


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