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Longwood Gardens Green Wall website where you can see photos and a 3:25 video.


Longwood Gardens Green Wall website 3:25 video.

Case Studies

Kim Wilkie Associates.


October 8, 2010 Largest Green Wall in North America to be Unveiled Tomorrow! by Andrew Michler from Inhabitat.

“Longwood’s green wall, designed by British landscape architect Kim Wilkie, is 14 feet tall and encompasses a surface area of over 4,000 square feet (372 square m) down a long, curving corridor. It features a paneled wall system, constructed of 3600 interlocking stainless, 12″ x12″ (30 x 30 cm) steel panels, to support about 47,000 plants. Each panel is filled with a soil-less mat made of composted bark and coconut fiber. 13 small plant plugs are planted in each panel and are watered by a drip irrigation system,” (Longwood Gardens).

Located at the historic garden’s new East Conservatory Plaza, in 2010 the Longwood Gardens interior greenwall was North America’s largest @ 4,072 sf. The modular GSky curved facade hugs both sides of a corridor, boasting mostly 47,000 ferns. The expansive skylights overhead flood the circular space with natural light.

Some of the ferns and foliage plants in the greenwall include: Adiantum capillus-veneris (Venus’ Hair Fern); Aeschynanthus radicans (Lipstick-plant); Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengeri’ (Asparagus-fern); Asplenium antiquum ‘Victoria’ (Spleenwort); and Chlorophytum comosum (Spider-plant).


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