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Additional Resources

For more information about the lovely Lloveras-Marxuach Residence, read the July 13, 2010 New York Times “In San Juan, Marrying Urban With Rural” by Paola Singer.

The New York Times reports on a historical 1800’s estate in Old San Juan has been remodelled to accomodate a growing, modern family, including adding greenroof pace off the third floor. Mr. Lloveras grows green beans, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet potatoes, scallions, rosemary, basil and other herbs in a 500 sf section of planters, and a separate terrace houses an 800 sf lawn for the children to play and the family to entertain. On the first floor, Ms. Marxuach started Beta-Local in early 2010, an “experimental art and education project that seeks to transform social, political and economic realities in Puerto Rico. It occupies three rooms: one is a small public library; another serves as an office and exhibition space; a third lodges visiting artists,” (New York Times, 2010).


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