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The Linden Apartments is located at 1250 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214; visit their website. Read the October 31, 2013 Linden Apartments project report from KTGY, the project’s architect, via the City of Portland BES.

The Linden Apartments project is located 1250 East Burnside Street in SE Portland, OR. The site is 12 blocks East of the Willamette River in the Buckman Neighborhood. The project is a Mixed‐Use apartment and retail development on the South side of Burnside St and consists of 132 apartments and approximately 7,800sf of retail at the ground floor. The project has two levels of concrete structure composing the parking and lobby/retail levels with 5 levels of Type III wood construction above.

The Linden Apartments boasts a total of 17,394 sf of extensive ecoroof space and 8,015 sf of intensive ecoroof area space, with a non-planted roof area of 9,023 sf.

“Upper Roof: The Linden integrates both extensive and intensive Ecoroof components at four different levels of the building. The upper extensive ecoroof component atop the 6th floor faces E. Burnside and 12th Ave. This roof, composed of a thin profile of growing medium
sedum plantings encompasses the entire roof with the exception of mechanical areas.

“4th Floor Terrace: The fourth floor ecoroof is situated directly outside of residential dwelling units and is accessible to the residents and guests of the project. This intensive ecoroof is one of the largest of its kind on a wood structure within the City of Portland, and will be used on occasion for large events by the building Owners. The large planted roof areas are bermed to allow for deeper plantings in some area in order to create a natural organic feeling environment at the roof.

“2nd Floor Podium Courtyard: Immediately outside the Resident’s Club Room is an outdoor courtyard and ecoroof area that both serves both as a resident amenity area and as part of the stormwater treatment system. The courtyard area has resident seating and firepit area
nestled in between two separate intensive ecoroof areas on either side that are planted with a variety of species from ferns to Birch trees to soften the surroundings,” (KTGY, 2013).


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