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For more info about the Lambton College project, please contact Michael P. Levesque, President & CTO, Engineered Systems Networked Group of Companies at 519.962.9151, or visit their website:

The Lambton College project is the first of its kind in North America. It uses specialized panels that are made from 100% recycled materials. Recycled tires combined with polyethelene from recycled plastics make the extruded base platform and drainage layer, the water retention layer is made from non-woven polyester that has been made from recycled clothing, the impregnation layer where the rhyzoid of the moss is installed is made from recycled cotton and polyester blend to be more durable and then the panels are sewn together with a polypropylene thread made from recycled plastic containers and this is used both as a nurse for the young moss and as a structural material to sew the panels together.

The panels are applied with a silicon mastic to a clean, dry roof or wall surface and have a measured insulation value when applied of R8. As the moss grows and becomes “moss grass” the panels both tap air and produce thier own heat and calorimic value becoming R40 in the space of 6 years that is required for the maturation phase. Once complete the moss is self-sustaining, lives off the nutrients gathered through the air and the rain water, becomes dormant in the winter months and grows during the spring summer and fall. The system requires no soil, is lightweight and requires no modification of roofing or trusses, is aestethically pleasing and adds value to the roof while reducing heating costs and HVAC intake temperature and cost during the summer.They are patented and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in addition to meeting LEED Platinum Criteria. We hope to significantly add to the building environment for the college in addition to providing valuable teaching resources for the students in the alternative energy studies programs.


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