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Anne Kletten emailed with these photos of her Norwegian-style sod roof log cabin to share online (personal communications, October & November, 2000). Anne is originally from Norway, and her father has been building cabins and laying sod roofs in Norway for over 60 years. In the fall of 1996 her parents came to visit, and along with Anne’s husband and sister, a new mountain retreat was built by the entire family. Although the technology for sod roof structures differ from other types of greenroofs, many ecological features remain the same. For example, the sod roof keeps the cabin cool in the summer. The roof underlayment is a product from Norway called Platon, which was bought in Hopkins, MN from Cemstone Contractors (612.931.2201). This product is also available from BIG”O”Inc., in Canada (Vicki Hay, 800.265.7622), and they offer brochures for installation instructions. You may want to visit the Norwegian site where they manufacture Platon at, and click on Platon Xtra” to see the “Torytak” – or Sodroof product.

She says this material has been used for about 30 years with success. All the other materials were natural and located on-site of their property. I asked Anne what maintenance was necessary, and she replied that the only thing they do is water it occasionally with a hose.


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