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Visit the specific Kansas State University KSU Seaton Hall Green Roofs page and KSU Green Roofs for all of their Green Roof Research including the Memorial Stadium Green Roofs and the APDesign Experimental Green Roof.

For more information about the KSU Seaton Hall Green Roof, contact Lee Skabelund, ASLA (KSU-LARCP), who also serves as maintenance and monitoring lead for the project, at 785-532-2431;; also see KSU Seaton Hall Green Roof Research & Demonstration Projects. See selected photos (PDF) from 2009 – 2014 of the Kansas State University Seaton Hall Upper Green Roof by Lee Skabelund.

Learn about American Hydrotech in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory.

The first experimental green roof at Kansas State University sits on an approximately 305 square foot roof surface on the upper portion of Seaton Hall’s West Wing. The project includes work implemented by KSU-Facilities and Danker Roofing (including the removal of the existing roof membrane and flashing, and installation of a new roof membrane and flashing), and elements implemented by KSU faculty and students – namely installation of green roof materials (including Hydrotech root barrier [Root Stop HD], drainage mat [Gardendrain GR30], filter fabric [Systemfilter], mineral aggregate, and semi-intensive lite-top grow media).

The green roof system was installed by KSU faculty and students on May 18, 2009. On May 19, 2009, the monitoring components were installed and then the vegetation was planted. Fifteen species of native Flint Hills prairie plants were installed, with sedum placed along the edges. Monitoring equipment (loaned by KSU BAE and Agronomy departments) is being used to collect climatic data (including rooftop and soil temperatures and stormwater runoff). Plant growth and vigor are being closely monitored. The Seaton Hall Green Roof is accessible only for research and maintenance/monitoring purposes.

This collaborative green roof planning and design-build project engaged 30 students representing eight different disciplines, 14 faculty from six different disciplines, roughly a dozen staff members from KSU Facilities, at least five design professionals from the Kansas City area, several KSU administrators, and a number of suppliers and contractors in the tasks of setting the stage and planning for, then implementing the Seaton Hall Green Roof.

Planning, design, and implementation efforts included the following tasks:
1) preparing conceptual green roof designs for at least seven different buildings on the KSU campus;
2) preparing proposals for green roof implementation and monitoring on Seaton Hall’s west wing;
3) preparing detailed designs for a demonstration and research green roof at Seaton Hall;
4) implementing waterproofing and installing green roof materials on this small Seaton Hall rooftop;
5) installing monitoring equipment and a temporary drip irrigation system on this green roof; and,
6) initiating monitoring procedures in relation to this same green roof.

$5,000 in WaterLINK funding (a Water Quality Restoration and Protection Service Learning Mini-Grant awarded to KSU by the Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment utilizing USEPA funds). KSU provided financial assistance and in-kind support for this project.

Danker Roofing, Inc. donated in-kind time to help tear off the old roof and install waterproofing. Derbigum, Inc. donated waterproofing materials (as facilitated by roofing supplier Kathy Hogarty). American Hydrotech, Inc. donated all green roof materials (including sedum). KSU-Facilities donated copper flashing, while Danker Roofing donated gravel.


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