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Visit the Kalia Modern Eco-Living website here and see the gorgeous homes on this spectacular site. Learn more about Carlisle SynTec in The Greenroof Directory.

Kalia Modern Eco-Living is a brand that stands for the ultimate level of luxury ecological life style. Kalia is manifesting its vision and leading the real estate development industry in the northwest pacific coast of Costa Rica, specializing in designing and building sustainable luxury ?eco villages.?

Kalia provides a full range of services, from designing and building dream custom luxury sustainable homes to giving a full range of services including short term rentals and extensive consierge services. Kalia strives by its cutting edge designs, building methods and technologies, and maintaining sustainable, luxury, eco-smart villages. The first phase of a major roof garden project at this Costa Rican Eco luxury – Home development was completed on September 30, 2009.

Kalia Modern Eco Living is a luxury ecological home development on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, which features both luxury and sustainability, integrating with the natural environment. All of the homes in the Kalia development are currently slated to feature Roof Gardens provided by Carlisle SynTec, a leading manufacturer of commercial roofing systems.

Carlisle?s representative in Latin America and the Caribbean, ICS Group, Inc. of Los Angeles, California, has supplied and installed 16,000 square feet of Carlisle Roof Garden Systems on six Kalia luxury homes. It is anticipated that when ICS Group completes the first phase of the project, Kalia will feature more than 600 homes and over 500,000 square feet of roof gardens. Carlisle Roof Gardens help improve stormwater management, reduce cooling and heating loads and improve the natural beauty of the Kalia homes.

Roof gardens are not the only ecological aspect of Kalia’s eco-luxury, Costa Rican homes. Gray water recycling systems will assist in storing and providing water, solar energy is used for electricity. Windows and doors are installed to achieve maximum cross ventilation, using natural breezes to cool the home. All appliances are ENERGY STAR ? -rated. Decks are made from recyclable materials and in general, all other products within the Kalia homes were chosen with this awareness in mind.

The rooftop vegetation was installed using Carlisle?s Roof Garden Systems over Carlisle?s SureWeld 60-mil, reinforced TPO single-ply membrane. ?Carlisle?s products were chosen because of their quality, service, reputation and price? says Noam Halpert, lead designer of Kalia.


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