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JDR Enterprises, Inc. promotes greenroof technology through community involvement, with greenroof demonstrations to universities, garden centers and building organizations.For greenroof assistance, or more information about the Greenroof Demonstration Model or Greenroof Trial Gardens see the Greenroof Trial Garden Brochure pdf or contact Janet Faust at:; 1.800.843.7569; 770.442.1461.

The JDR Enterprises, Inc. Greenroof Demonstration Model and Greenroof Trial Gardens are located at North Metro Technical College, 5198 Ross Rd., just outside Atlanta in Acworth, Georgia. Located at the Horticulture Department?s ID gardens, the greenroof demonstration model offers a unique opportunity to educate both horticulture/landscape students and the community. It will not only promote and educate ?what is a greenroof? but will expose students to a variety of greenroof plant and soil mediums. The public is invited to stroll the ID Gardens at North Metro.The greenroof trial gardens were implemented in 2004 to test various greenroof components; root barrier filter fabrics, engineered soils and plants. The main aim of establishing the trial gardens is to learn about the performance of the various components specifically relating to the drain layer, both “garden worthiness” and performance of components as a total greenroof system. We then want to share the lessons and experiences of this garden with our customers.The model and trials become living laboratories and are perfect examples of sustainable landscape design. In addition, perhaps most importantly, they increase environmental awareness and sensitivity.

The JDR Greenroof Demonstration Model is constructed of 2? x 8? pressure treated lumber. It consists of two sloped 3? x 3? square frames. Cost of building materials for the demonstration model was $300.00. The JDR Greenroof Trial Gardens is constructed of 2? x 8? pressure treated lumber. Each frame is 2? x 6? and is divided into 2? x 2? squares. Cost of building materials for each trial frame was $400.00.


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