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Iowa State University is located in Ames, Iowa 50011, 515.294.4111. Read these ISU news releases: ISU’s King Pavilion first education building in Iowa to earn LEED Platinum certification of February 22, 2010 and Design students begin classes Aug. 24 under Iowa State University’s first green roof of August 17, 2009; also see Inside Iowa State’s University’s first green roof installed on Design addition by Anne Krapfl of May 21, 2009.

Iowa State University’s first greenroof is the new $6.6 million, 27,735 sf King Pavilion, which features a central, two-story forum surrounded by instructional studios used by freshman and sophomores enrolled in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. Part of the College of Design, it stands as the university’s model for sustainable design.

In March, 2010, the ISU expansion was awarded Platinum LEED certification, marking the first higher education facility in Iowa to reach the highest level of the LEED system. But it is the second LEED certified building on the Iowa State campus. The project scored 53 points, including exemplary performance points for daylighting (100%), water efficiency and recycled content. Clerestory windows on both levels of the building as well as the “doghouse” – the sloped section of roof above the central forum space to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Approximately 20 species of native and non-native plants live in the roof’s 3″ deep growing medium. Soft gel crystals were added to absorb and release water. Plants include 14 varieties of Sedum, prickly pear, fame flower, upright prairie coneflower, chives, blue grama, and gold nugget ice plant. Hardy prickly pear is one of the plant selections on the sloped section of the King Pavilion roof. Rain gardens and detention cells under permeable paved areas also add to stormwater management techniqies to slow surface rainwater flow into local storm sewers.

“In the King Pavilion, designers have brought together scientific knowledge and technical innovations to create an environment that inspires and supports our academic activities – a space both poetic and pragmatic,” said Luis Rico-Gutierrez, dean of design. “That is the power of design, and a tangible example of what faculty, students and staff in the College of Design stand for,” (ISU News Release).


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