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See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo website here for more information on their products.

The City of Tokyo wanted to soften the stark, floodlit, steel and glass structure of the International Congress Center, and did so by planting semi-mature trees in the inner courtyard. Here is an example of nature and modern design harmonizing the overall effect of the architect’s design. To give you an idea of the scale of this project, the newly planted trees are 10 meters high (1996)!

The build-up system was ZinCo’s Floradrain. Set into the 2.5 x 2.5 meter tree planters, the Floradrain system not only spread the point loading of the trees, but provided essential drainage and aeration to the roots. The trees were anchored below the soil level, out of sight, to a pre-fixed metal grate placed beneath the root ball. The tree anchor grating is placed over the filter sheet and Floradrain. Blankets and steel tape protect the root ball during installation.


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