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Read the March 26, 2007 article, “City considers routes toward sustainability -IMA’s green roof offers a case study; recycling program also gets second look” by Brendan O’Shaughnessy here, and the November 6, 2006 ebuild article here.

Situated on 152 acres of magnificent gardens and grounds just 15 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, the IMA is home to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Oldfields?Lilly House & Gardens and the future Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. According to an article in the (see below), “Flowers, shrubs and about five-dozen Red Sunset maple trees have all been planted atop a massive underground parking garage.City officials hope the rooftop can help inspire a larger movement toward more environmentally friendly building practices in Indianapolis as part of Mayor Bart Peterson’s pledge to push a “sustainable” city agenda.” The excess water from the roof is funneled to a nearby wetland area. Deputy Mayor Steve Campbell says Indianapolis plans to further develop its own green plan, including more greenroofs.

AN ebuild article from November, 2006 states “At the IMA’s parking garage, about 60 Red Sunset maple trees are rooted in 4 feet of Haydite, a heat-expanded shale that is lightweight and porous. It is mixed with sand and bark mulch, but no dirt. The IMA’s underground parking garage and roof-planting project accomplished several goals, Zelonis said. An aboveground garage would have interfered with the views of the main museum building and surrounding landscapes. With the more expensive, below-ground structure, the museum was able to address parking and aesthetic concerns, he said.”


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