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The IFC2 development contributes a number of open spaces which enhance the public realm of the Central Business District. These comprise large urban public open spaces, two of which are Designated Public Open Spaces and are accessible 24-hours a day.The Second Public Open Space comprises a Podium Garden at Level 4, and the Harbour-side Terrace at Level 3. Both the garden and the terrace serve community needs for more passive recreation spaces in the Central Business District, and are fully integrated with adjoining retail and entertainment uses in the retail podium.

As usable urban public open space is highly prized in the Central Business District, the usability of the public open space is maximized by minimizing low planting and planters which visually and physically break up the space and inhibit free pedestrian circulation. ?Greening? is provided in the form of a series of raised lawns, which can be used as informal recreation areas, and groves of semi-mature trees which will, in time, create a virtually continuous shade canopy.

Selected trees comprise blocks of dark-foliage semi-mature Ficus altissima at the podium edge, and larger blocks of light green foliage semi-mature, semi-deciduous Ficus rumphii which provide light shade to seating areas. Cerbera manghas are planted along the Harbourside Terrace, and Plumeria rubra on the roof of the retail bridges. Soil Depths: 600mm to 1200mm.


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