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The Hotel InterContinental is located at Avenida Vitacura 2885, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile; (0)2 394 2000; visit their website. Read the following: FTN.Travel’s March 17, 2011 InterContinental Santiago Unveils New Club Tower press release; Time Magazine’s December 4, 2010 “Upwardly Fertile: The Rise of the Vertical Garden” by Tim Newcomb; La Tercera’s August 3, 2010 Nueva torre en Vitacura tendr? una “fachada verde” by Rodrigo Miranda (in Spanish); and Green Living Technologies’ September 28, 2010 “17,000 Square Foot Green Living Wall Takes Root on Intercontinental Hotel” Press Release. See more photos and graphics at the October 29, 2010 Ambientes’ “Garden Tower: El Nuevo Pulmon de Barrio “El Golf”. Learn about Green Living Technologies in The Greenroof Directory here and contact Impacto Verde at:

The new 16-story club tower addition to the existing InterContinental Santiago property features 81 guestrooms, two swimming pools, a VIP lounge, a Lobby Caf?, four restaurants and 20 meeting rooms totaling 27,200 square feet of meeting and function space, making the 377-room InterContinental Santiago one of the largest convention centers in the country. The hotel also boasts a 17,000 square foot green living wall in the west fa?ade of the building. The vertical garden, which faces two important avenues in the Financial Center of Santiago and features three different species of plants, provides a beautiful visual statement to passersby.

Rochester based Green Living Technologies provided another global milestone as the leader in modular green living wall technologies with this project. In collaboration with Impacto Verde, the world famous InterContinental Hotel in downtown Santiago Chile, has a new ?Green Face Lift.? Impacto Verde installed the 17,000 square foot Green Living Wall on the southern and western elevations – about the size of six doubles tennis courts.

Impacto Verde has contributed to the overall economic success of the region by providing opportunities for local growth in the green job sector and additional employment and education.

All the work is done with local installers, manufacturing and growing. Impacto Verde, the subsidiary of Noriega & Ricalde, is the licensed South American manufacturer and distributor for the family of patented Green Living Technologies green roof panels, trays, wall systems and vertical / edible walls. Impacto Verde is completed with a full service growing facility, installation and maintenance team. They also produce the proprietary growing media specifically for the patented GLT systems.

The project has been in the planning stages for over a year. The vegetation consists of Ophiopogon, Ajuga reptans, and Ceratostigma mixed with Musgo. With the variety of plant material, it’s anticipated the Green Living Wall will provide cooling benefits with savings on air conditioning alone between 40 and 60 percent through shading and evapotranspiration. The wall will also provide sound dampening and help clean the air removing pollution from the city. The wall consists of over 4300 2?x2? Green Living Wall Panels with automated irrigation and sensors to prevent wasted irrigation.


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