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Contact Ecoroofs Everywhere for more information, including cost breakdowns and local materials sources.

Completed on March 1, 2004, the Hawthorne Condominiums ecoroof stemmed from neighborhood requests for incorporating green elements in the mixed-use development, as well as the owner’s desire to provide a visual “front yard” to the residents and to reduce summer heat and glare. The developer enlisted the services of Ecoroofs Everywhere, a local non-profit, to provide reduced-rate technical design services, project management, and construction, cutting overall ecoroof costs by 20 percent.

Over 40 volunteers built the ecoroof in one weeknd, including hauling 30 yards of soil to the rooftop by hand. The roof contains accessible herb areas for use by residents, provides a good model for low cost green space in tight urban spaces, and manages stormwater efficiently.


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