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Read the Hansa-Kolleg Project Profile here in German. Learn about ZinCo in The Greenroof Directory here, and ZinCo USA here. See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo USA website here for more information.

In order to comply with the Hamburg city regulations, which require proper provision of recreation and leisure areas for the residents, the whole underground garage area between the building complexes was designed as a green roof. From the start, the area had to be landscaped to cater for varying uses by the residents. On the one hand, small private gardens were required; on the other hand, play areas for children and leisure areas for the adjacent student apartments had to be created. Besides this, incorporation of functional requirements of the underground garage such as the ventilation shafts had to be considered.

As a solution, the landscape was given a striped theme to fit in with the design of the adjoining buildings. This was done by separating the different areas by planting hedge rows. To give a more spacious appearance, the ventilation shafts were integrated into the hedge rows. Lawn, hedges and trees disguise the appearance of the underground garage. Playing areas for children were created on top of the underground garage, as well as leisure areas for the students living there.ZinCo System Build-up:Vegetation;Intensive Substrate ca. 300 – 350 mm;Filter Sheet SF;100 mm Zincolit and Floratec FS 50;Calcite concrete deck


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