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Visit the super-interesting LLC architecture & design website, and see their greenroof specific page here. Contact info: kian goh of super-interesting llc architecture & design, 10 jay street, suite 333, brooklyn, ny 11201; 347-526-5296;

The “green(e) roof” is a recreational roof garden for a 1895 co-op building on greene avenue in Brooklyn which includes an extensive green roof, new bulkhead, decks, and photovoltaic array sunshades. The planted roof is a modular model by GreenTech, capitalizing on its simple installation process, flexibility, and design potential…almost like living carpet tile…Local specificity guides the design of both PV array and deck together. The 8 degree difference between the building and true north creates a twist in the deck bench that is exploited for different seating configurations – normal to reclining.

The PV array faces due south and is tilted 50 degrees off horizontal, maximizing sun exposure all year and creating shade during the warmer months. The new steel and glass bulkhead, with operable windows, creates a solar chimney in the existing elevator/stair shaft and enables summer cooling of the apartments below through stack effect. The decks are positioned to enable privacy and exploit the best views of the diverse Brooklyn urban fabric.


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