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For additional information on Optigreen fa?ade greening, download the Optigreen PDF here. To learn more about the Green Wall Ferrara project, contact Volker Bez of OPTIGR?N International AG at: or visit:;; and

The Green Wall Ferrara project entails the conversion of a garden space in the courtyard of a private estate. When considering renovation, a small internal garden with tall, old boundary walls in the city center of Ferrara left little room for a traditional garden. The horizontal surface was utilized for recreation, with restricted areas for planting. Therefore, the desired garden was installed on the walls.

The Optigreen Wall Garden system was installed and a beautiful vertical garden was created, resulting in a very soothing effect. The old boundary walls have not been planted completely so that some of the brick architectural elements found in the wall could be viewed and appreciated by the homeowners.

Three thousand plants encompassing approximately 50 different plant species were planted into the 5 meter high, 120 m2 private Green Wall Ferrara; total construction time was three weeks.

The “Wall Garden” system is a fa?ade-mounted greening system on a substrate basis. The core unit of the Optigreen “Wall Garden” system solution is a high-grade, substrate-filled aluminum cassette system which can be planted on site. The horizontal suspension rails support the Wall Garden elements which are hooked into the rails. The irrigation system is fully automatic with a blending unit for fertilizer and herbicides.


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