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The Green Living Technologies’ satellite office was installed in January, 2010 not only to add cosmetic appeal to an otherwise blank space, but its main purpose is to add much needed humidity to the air here in Rochester, New York where winter lasts six months out of the year and it’s very dry. As an added feature the plant material in the Green Living Wall has been shown to remove harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) like benzene and formaldehyde in addition to cancer causing carcinogens.The green wall space is equal to 25 square feet, however we would not have been able to sacrifice such an area if we had to use the same plant material in pots on the floor. Floor space in an office is prime real estate and in our case was not an option to have plants unless we could hang them on the wall.

Two of the three green walls in this location are the 4″ version of the standard 2×2 Green Living Wall system by Green Living Technologies. The aluminum panels were planted using a variety of low light, low maintenance plant material in a specialty Green Wall Media complete with GLT bioSoil. The *bioSoil provides enough concentrated Nitrogen for over a year, eliminating having to fertilize these walls. The walls were attached directly to the wood stud behind the sheet-rock. No water proofing is needed since the GLT mounting system allows for air flow behind the Green Wall. Each wall only has six pieces of hardware to hold the wall up. The last wall is the GLT Picture wall which installs using a single bracket with only 2 screws. The bracket holds the irrigation catch basin and a manual fill drip pan, all installed in less than 60 seconds. Since both systems are so small they have manual fill drip pans that are located on the top of each wall. Fill the top and walk away.*GLT bioSoil is an end product using a patented fermentation process that includes the re-use of chicken dung and other bio solids. The result is a highly concentrated Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous rich media.


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