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The roof of the G?ppingen District Administration building, which can be seen from the offices on the top floors, was planned with an attractive vegetation as a contribution to a positive work atmosphere in the administration office. ?Heather with Lavender? areas, embedded in the vegetation level of ?Rockery Type Plants,? set visual accents. Low-growing shrubs as well as stream-like curved gravel strips give additional structure to the area..Development: Because of the excellent care, the character of the designed green roof has been well kept. The photo above, right, from November 2001 shows how attractive such a roof can look at this time of the year. Now long established, the shrubs take on their function as structuring elements.

Greenroof System Build-up DUO-Roof:System Substrate ?Rockery Type Plants,? accumulated in certain areas;Filter Sheet SF;Thermally insulating drainage element Floratherm? WD 65;Moisture Retention/ Protection Mat SSM 45;Roof construction with thermal insulation and rootproof waterproofing


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