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See a photo presentation on The Goodman Residence from Green Roof Service here. Learn about the following companies in The Greenroof Directory: Green Roof Service and Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants.

Planted on August 30, an extensive green roof has been installed on both the old log house and cabin. Both buildings were imported from Norway in 1971 and were built with authentic sod roofs. While the guest cabin still had the original green roof, the log house roof had been changed to tiles by a previous owner. As the cabin roof started leaking last year, Mr. Goodman decided to reconvert the log house and have new green roofs on both buildings.

These green roofs were built on a 6 in 12 pitched roof using a Rooflite TM drainage system and growing medium. The goal was to create a stable, natural looking green roof with high biodiversity and low maintenance. This green roof will help to reduce energy cost and increase roof longevity. Multiple stormwater benefits were achieved through this green roof installation including retention of water for later irrigation, porosity to prevent erosion, and finally to eliminate gutter cleaning. All components are according the German FLL Guidlines for Green Roofs as well as roofing details according to German standards (EN/DIN).


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