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Glasgow Harbour is a 130 acre site that comprises a contemporary mixture of residential, retail, leisure, public and commercial amenities designed to reflect a vibrant environment that allows you to work, shop, relax and live all in one zone should you so choose. With over 40% of the site given over to public space, it is a green and pleasant setting, giving tenants and visitors to the Harbour a sense of open layout and freedom to move. Set against the backdrop of the rivers Kelvin and Clyde, once the heart and proud heritage of the city, Glasgow Harbour is at long last bringing communities back to the riverbanks to work, relax, and, most importantly, enjoy.

One of the main challenges within the project was the construction of the car park to house the tenants? vehicles. Ideally it was to be situated as near to the apartments as possible, but realistically it would have meant the apartments would overlook either cars or concrete. So what to do?The installation of the Bauder Intensive Green Roof solved the dilemma. Housed underground, the car parks are topped off with instant ?gardens? created by the Intensive System providing views of greenery that can be used for recreation and relaxation. With a timetable of 10 years to completion, Glasgow Harbour has started this phased programme in a positive way with considerations for its tenants being a top priority. The regeneration atmosphere has been captured by the incorporation of natural materials wherever possible, with the Bauder Intensive Green Roof acting as a visual testimony to the developers forwarding thinking.


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