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The Geyser Green Wall is located at 100 Parnell Road, Parnell, New Zealand 1052. Learn about Geyser’s Green Features from Samson Corporation. See the project profiles from Natural Habitats and Pattersons Architects. Watch the 2:09 video Geyser Green Wall – Project of the Week 10/20/14 from on the greenroofsTV channel on YouTube. Read the 6 Green Star Geyser Building is opening its doors from the New Zealand Green Building Council. For more information on the Geyser Green Wall, contact Visit Natural Habitats at:

The Geyser building takes its inspiration from New Zealand’s thermally active geography and is built on sustainable design principles. Designed for Samson Corporation in Auckland’s Parnell, this multi- tenanted, mixed use development is the latest in a series of landmark urban courtyard developments designed by Patterson Associates. The two-storied exterior green wall is a courtyard feature in this first six-star green rated building for New Zealand.

Twenty NZ native species, including several that are rare and endemic, were selected accordingly, so ‘light loving’ plants were positioned at the top and ‘cool shade’ species at the bottom. In total there were 2086 plants used, a lot which are not typically used in landscaping, including the rare Jovellana sinclairii.

“A very original blend of horticultural innovation and aesthetics. This Green Wall represents progress in the use of the indigenous plants within that technology. It integrates beautifully into the building and contributes tangibly to the courtyard,” says the 2014 Landscapes of Distinction judge.

Geyser’s Green Wall has an automated system where irrigation, from harvested rain water, was built into the panels, which have a 25 year structural lifespan.

“The system is modular which enables ease of maintenance and substitution of plants. It is a hydroponic system with no soil which makes it lightweight,” explains Natural Habitats green expert Pete de Jager. “Important factors of the building for us were intelligent design, tenant desirability, quality of construction and minimised maintenance programmes.”

Geyser stakes a claim for the most sustainable building in New Zealand. The underlying assumption of Geyser is that if a building belongs in its ecology, both environmental and social, then the people who use that architecture will feel they belong there also.

Six stand alone ground floor retail, food and showroom tenancies have access to the courtyard laneway or surrounding streets. Each of the sub-buildings is wrapped in a dynamic, semi-reflective white twin walled facade, which opens and closes in order to moderate the tenants’ thermal environment.

“Geysers’ floor plates are divided into five individual sub-buildings set around a system of atriums with pedestrian linkages. This maximises natural daylight penetration into, and exterior views out from, the majority of the spaces…(the 3-dimensional façade) technology creates natural heating and cooling ventilation by way of thermal currents rising up through the void spaces between the two walls. It naturally heats each building by trapping warm air between the two walls in the winter, significantly minimizing heat losses overnight and ‘pre-warming’ outside air during the day. In the hottest months the entire outer skin opens electronically to fully ventilate the cavity by creating cross convection currents from the cooler Southern elevations of the buildings,” (Geyser Parnell, see below).

The Geyser Green Wall recently received the Premier Award for ‘Best Commercial Project’ and ‘Best Special Feature’ at the 2014 NZ Landscapes of Distinction Awards. The building also won ‘Best in Category’ for 2013 NZ Property Award: Green Building. “Geyser offers a thought-provoking example of intriguing design elements intended to cope with future challenges.” Judge for 2013 NZ Property Council Awards.

Based in Auckland but working throughout New Zealand, Natural Habitats installed one of Auckland’s first large green roofs back in 1994 and then went on to design and install New Zealand’s first green walls. “We aim to create unique landscapes that respect the environment while adding value to the development. We take care to protect and enhance New Zealand’s native biodiversity while creating amenity value and improving commercial worth,” says de Jager.

Natural Habitats is New Zealand’s leading integrated landscape company. They are renowned for the quality of their work and recognized for their award winning landscape design, build and care. In New Zealand, Natural Habitats are at the forefront of the movement towards green technology in architecture.

A large team of consultants collaborated with Pattersons Architects on Geyser to design a technologically advanced and environmentally responsible development for Auckland City.


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