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Read the November 26, 2004 The Capital Online article by Wendi Winters “Green roof helps family save on energy” here.

Mike and Heather Furbish decided to construct their greenroof for both aesthetics and energy savings. As a real estate developer who focuses on creating environmentally-friendly, sustainable buildings in the region, Mr. Furbish also wanted to set an example. The Capital Online reports “The Furbish home boasts a living green roof abloom with 10 varieties of the succulent sedum plant set in a wooden grid to prevent the greenery from shifting. It is one of the few green roofs in the county built on a private residence or public building.Inside, thanks to the green roof and several other environmentally friendly building techniques, the house remains in the 65-69 degree range throughout the year. Electricity bills run $30 a month, and the propane used in the home’s stove, heater and dryer cost the couple an annual average of $900 for the 2,300 square foot home.”

Green Roof Plants supplied the plants in September, 2001.


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