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The new Franklin Police Headquarters celebrated its grand opening in May, 2010. The project is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED Silver certification, with an emphasis on achieving Gold certification. Sustainable features include a geothermal heating and cooling system; a cistern that reclaims water from the parking structure to be used for irrigation and restroom lavatory facilities; and a green roof that helps keep the building cooler, manages storm water run-off and extends the life of the roofing system. The metal panels from Berridge Manufacturing Co. are recyclable, in addition to having an inherent extended life span.

RD Herbert & Sons installed the roofing and wall panels on the new police headquarters. The roof, approximately 354 squares (3,289 m2) total, is divided into several roof assemblies, including a green roof from The Garland Co. Inc.; a built-up roof with a reflective coating; and a built-up roof underneath pavers. On all concrete decks, a two-ply/glaze coat temporary roof was installed to facilitate coordination with other trades and keep the building dry. The project included approximately 78 squares (725 m2) of Berridge?s 24-gauge Vee Panel wall panels in Dark Bronze, including all associated flashing and trim, gutters, drip edge, counter flashing and coping.


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