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The Forest Park Visitor’s Center is located at 5595 Grand Dr., St. Louis, MO 63112; call 314.367.7275 and visit their website. Read Linda Velazquez’s Greenroof Project of the Week feature of 4.02.10 “GPW: Forest Park Forever Playground, the Dennis & Judith Jones Variety Wonderland” here and the St. Louis Post Dispatch article “New Forest Park playground is for all” by Clay Barbour of 11.23.05 here. Learn about Forest Park Forever here and Green Roof Blocks in The Greenroof Directory, and for more info, please visit their website. Visit the Powers Bowersox Associates (architect) website: where you can see many photos of the project.

Imagine one fabulous zoo, a science center, skating rink, ball fields, endless places to ride bikes, and playgrounds, playgrounds, playgrounds all in one green 1,300 acre swath in the heart of St. Louis, and you have Forest Park, a magnet for families. Take a nature break from the park’s cultural attractions to walk through an oak savannah or ride a paddleboat. Apart from the attractions?most of which are free?kids love the outdoor play parks, one of which offers giant turtle sculptures to climb and another that is disability accessible.The new Dennis and Judith Jones Variety Wonderland playground is designed for all kids age 2-12, including a wheelchair-accessible tree house. A green roof was installed on the pavilion of the Variety Club Children?s Playground in Forest Park in 2005, designed to help the pavilion bend into the environment while providing some shelter for playground visitors.This historical park was constructed in 1876 and expanded in 1904 for the World’s Fair in St. Louis. After many years of neglect, the park has undergone extensive rejuvenation thanks to projects funded by groups such as Forest Park Forever and The Missouri Historical Society. The Children?s Playground has been constructed to ADA Standards for handicap accessibility and features that compliment the natural park setting.

76 Green Roof Blocks were grown offsite for approximately 10 weeks allowing the plants to mature to 80% coverage at the time of installation. The roof is constructed of 60 mil reinforced EPDM fully adhered to poly-isocyanurate over metal deck. A metal skirt was installed around the perimeter Blocks to conceal the aluminum sides. The skirt was painted to match the trim on the structure. The Green Roof Blocks are propagated with a Sedum species named Weihenstephaner Gold. The growth media is a blend of 80% red lava rock and 20% composted pine bark. The plants were fertilized using Scotts Osmocote 12 to 14 months release – additional annual applications will be applied as required.


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