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Additional Resources

Visit the First National Bank Fayetteville, AR website. For additional info on the project, contact Lee Porter at Ozark Green Roofs: 479.71.6125

Case Studies

Ozark Green Roofs.

Competed in October, 2020, the First National Bank of NWA green roof is located above the driveway and provides great views from the internal conference room. The public can access the green roof from outside stairs.

Emory Knoll Farms supplied 3,000 sedum plugs, including its ‘Mid-Atlantic Sedum Mix’ and “Leafy Green Sedum Mix’. An additional 10 lbs of American Meadow’s ‘Red Pollinator Seed Mix’ was also planted.

At a depth of 5″ rooflite® supplied their Extensive 800 growing media, at a saturated weight of 39 lbs/sq ft.


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