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Learn about Vicom SL, the Spanish associate of ZinCo GmbH:

Financial District Banco de Santander is the world’s largest greenroof (2007) which is fully on top of a building and was a huge undertaking. The mega financial city is home for a varied and vibrant work, live, and play community in Boadella del Monte, a suburb of Madrid.

More than 100,000 m2 (ca. 1,075,000 ft2) of roof area was installed with extensive and intensive green roof system build-ups from 2003 – 3005. Not only is this project impressive by its huge size but also in the planning and design of the green roof. Designing the plant selection of the green areas was a challenge in order to meet the climatic conditions and the architectural ideas.

The extensive and intensive green roof system build-ups incorporate Floradrain® FD 25, FD 40 and FD 60. The various green roof system build-ups correspond to the vegetation type such as areas with ground cover, and plantings of bushes as well as trees.

Surrounding green areas include a golf course to harmonize the work-life-balance of employees and managers. Large planters with trees have been placed over the underground garage areas, and there is alternating vegetation on various buildings. Plants include heathers, lavenders, grasses as well as flowering perennials, succulents and other herbs.


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