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Learn about D.C. Greenworks’ other current and completed greenroof projects here.

The FDIC Greenroof is one of the first completed federal greenroofs in the Washington D.C. metro area, finished on July 15, 2005. This greenroof was designed to maximize storm water retention, thereby protecting area rivers from stormwater runoff. This greenroof allowed the developers to offset very high onsite storm water management fees assessed by the county.Arlington Cable Access filmed a documentary on greenroofing and D.C. Greenworks during the installation of this roof. It was aired on Arlington Cable Access in the fall 2005.

The FDIC greenroof is a 2,900 square-foot Barrett Roofing assembly. There are over 12,000 sedums planted at 6 inches on center for rapid coverage. The project took 15 days, and due to extremely challenging construction logistics, required hoisting the soil, gravel and other materials onto the 8th floor roof of the South Tower, then lowering it to the 6th floor roof of the building annex, then up again to the 7th floor annex roof for installation.


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