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Visit the architect at:, and designer at: Download a PDF of the Far Coast Design Experience from odg / otto design group, inc.

?Far Coast? is the Coca-Cola Company’s new range of freshly brewed beverages, which recently launched a new brand as well as a new business model. As part of an international launch of its new Far Coast brand, the Coca-Cola Company recently opened the doors of four concept caf?s offering tea, coffee and infusions – brewed fresh by the cup. Located in Toronto, Canada; Singapore; Oslo, Norway; and Atlanta, Georgia, these hubs showcase the brand and introduce consumers to a world of experiences – adventures by the cup. Through a diverse product offering, Far Coast seeks to celebrate the authentic flavors, cultures and customs that inspire their blends.In keeping with their grass-roots brand development and marketing strategy, the world?s largest beverage company assembled a team of small, forward-thinking creative agencies to help shape the identity for this exciting new range of products. Integral to this development was the creation of a holistic retail environment in which consumers could discover and sample the product offerings, thereby drinking up the ethos of the brand. To this end, Coca-Cola enlisted the services of odg / otto design group ? a multi-discipline design firm with offices in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

A guiding ethic in the Far Coast brand is to be environmentally responsible; the green roof pavilion makes that dedication visible to the world. A green roof offers a great number of sustainable benefi ts, helps maximize the life-cycle of the structure while providing a beautiful and comfortable environment, and minimizes energy use. Sensitivity to placement of the structure provides further energy conservation by minimizing solar gain and taking advantage of prevailing breezes on the site. The main frame timber will be constructed from locally sourced wood. In keeping with the core values of the other Far Coast locations around the globe, green materials comprise a great deal of the finish palette.The extensive greenroof of Far Coast’s open air pavilion in Atlanta, Georgia is designed in three south-facing sections. Coke?s answer to ?premium brewed beverages? is located between the Georgia Aquarium and the new World of Coca- Cola.


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