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Read all about the award-winning project on the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities website. Learn more about The Garland Company in The Greenroof Directory. See Linda S. Velazquez’s August/September 2004 Sky Gardens ~ Travels in Landscape Architecture column about Seattle and Washington state here.

The Evergreen State College Seminar II Building in Olympia, WA was completed in the winter 2004, and is slated for a Gold level LEED certification. Greenroofs exist on 13 separate roof areas. Michel George, the former Facilities Services Director at The Evergreen State College, was involved with the idea of the greenroofed areas, which cover 40% of the roof surface. Thomas J. Regney promoted the Garland Company’s GreenShield roof system to project architect Mark Cork at Mahlum architects and says, “We worked together for nearly two years on the design of the roofs and once it was finally awarded to Wayne’s Roofing as the roofing contractor, and Northwest Landscape as soil, drainage layer, and plant installer, we had a team.”Tom adds, “It was a great experience be involved with the evolution of these buildings and roofs. Garland is very committed to all of our roof projects and we are on site during installation to ensure specification compliance. For over a year during the Evergreen State College project I was on site approximately three days a week to inspect the work in progress. This was a huge commitment to the project, but paid off in beautiful green roofs and a waterproofing system that passed all flood tests and infrared analysis 100%. This was quite the accomplishment considering there are many roof areas that total around 50,000 sq. ft. Furthermore, many of the roof areas received heavy foot traffic and were used as work surfaces for the other trades, and still maintained their integrity.”

The Evergreen State College won the 2005 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence in the Extensive Institutional category.


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