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Reference: “Indoor Plants and Stress by Roger Ulrich Indoor Plants and Productivity by Virginia Lohr Indoor Plants have Psychological Benefits” by John Bergs. Learn about Green Living Technologies (GLT) in The Greenroof Directory here. George Irwin can be reached for comment or presentations directly at: For additional information regarding the project and/or BDBNYC, visit them at or contact Josh Fleishmann at (646) 649-9298 or

The Equinox Fitness Center project is a 600 square foot indoor wall consisting of a variety of low light tropical plants in the Green Living? Technologies, Green Living? Wall panel. The panels are the standard indoor 2? x 2? x 3? deep with amended growing media that allows for even saturation, unlimited drainage and free root migration.The indoor plant material will be providing an opportunity for a multitude of benefits beyond the cosmetic and aesthetic. Functionally speaking the plants will clean the air within the fitness facility by reducing the level of airborne VOCs, such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. The plants remove CO2, (carbon dioxide, a colorless, odorless gas) from the air. The gas exists in very small amounts in the air we breathe, but when we exhale we release 100 times more CO2 than we took in. The gas is essential for plants, which “breathe” it in and then exhale the oxygen. They keep the carbon to help them grow; they can also improve the humidity inside buildings by up to 20 percent. People feel better about an indoor space with greenery than they do about one without. Occupants are more relaxed, which can improve productivity, reduce stress, and reduce blood pressure. This indoor green wall makes for an ideal addition to any facility but especially helpful in this fitness area.

The mounting brackets or armatures were custom manufactured to fit the space of the projected wall. The green wall is flanked by an upper and lower water feature adding more humidity to the immediate environment. Complete with a custom stainless steel catch basin for excess irrigation, the green wall is fitted with a low volume drip system minimizing water consumption. The walls mounting system was hung using 3.5 inch concrete bolts with a shear weight of 1500 lbs. The specifications on the green wall itself are only 10 lbs per sf saturated but the over engineering provides an additional sense of safety.


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