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Emory University is located at: 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30322 USA 404.727.6123; visit the Emory University website. Learn about the following companies Tremco; Saul Nurseries; and ItSaul Natural. See their first research roof, the 2008 Emory University Test Greenroof here.

Completed in June, 2009, Emory University and Tremco collaborated on the installation of a 512 sf demonstration green roof with the intent to conduct studies on the performance of green roofs designed to meet the standards and specifications of Emory University and its insurance carrier. Plant materials include sedums, cacti, Echinacea, and other succulents. The demonstration roof has four roof sections; three planted using different media and materials and a fourth that is the standard membrane roof. The roofs will be monitored for total runoff quantity and quality including ph, phosphorous, nitrates, and turbidity. In addition, temperatures will be recorded at the media and roof surfaces.


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